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California's AB5 law destroyed the careers of hundreds of thousands of freelancers. You can watch testimonials below, or read hundreds of their stories.

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AB5 is a California law that made it illegal for countless freelancers to earn a living.

All across California

Margarita R.

"I've seen the power of these [mentoring] programs, and it's really sad that those programs can no longer continue, because of laws like AB5."

Tarzana, California

Jennifer O.

"[AB5] killed half of my income....It is a destructive law."

Los Angeles, California

Lisa R.

"I now have to turn down work...I've had to educate people over and over about AB5 and why it's dangerous for them to work with me..."

La Mesa, California

Karen A.

"We've identified at least 420 categories of professions, trades, industries, and occupations that have been adversely impacted by AB5..."

Orange County, California

Colleen K.

"AB5 really terrified me. It basically upended my whole business model..."

Ventura County, California

Anna A.

"[I] lost half of my clients that I used to be contracted with because of AB5..."

Los Angeles, California

Aaron G.

"I've spent this entire year trying to figure out how to not have to shut down my band because of AB5..."

Rocklin, California


"Even if they came up with an exemption for musicians on this [AB5] bill, I think I would still keep fighting..."

Los Angeles, California

Monica W.

"We can't let this [AB5] be the end of small business..."

Temecula, California

David S.

"AB5 turns out to be a law that nobody wanted. It seeks to fix a problem that simply does not exist."

Huntington Beach, California

Jon G.

"It's clear that the chief benefactors of AB5 are the unions and politicians who receive their backing..."

Orange County, California

Jalleh D.

"Ever since [AB5] got enacted, it has dramatically changed everything...I've actually lost money..."

San Pedro, California

Justin G.

"[AB5] has absolutely tanked my opportunities and business in the State of California..."


Christopher J.

"It [AB5] has affected my life. I can't work..."

Dana Point, California

Carmel F.

"AB5 affected me in so many ways ... I'm very very concerned about where my future will be in terms of taking care of myself."

Walnut Creek, California

Monica F.

"I am 61 years old, female, senior, and a cancer survivor. AB5 destroyed my life."

Gardena, California

Kristin L.

"I've seen [AB5} wipe gigs out from under millions of workers just like me..."

Longview, Washington